Food brings happiness. And when its good food,
it simply makes people ecstatic…

Food business and taste buds are no strangers to Ms.Nitya Reddy and Mr.Jujhar Singh. In order to provide the best culinary services for every special occasion in an individual’s life they have partnered to set up The Elite Catering company which offers services to people with exquisite culinary tastes all over the country .

From a range of exquisite cuisines, exotic vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, to authentic biryanis and desi halwas, The Elite Catering company guarantees a complete dining experience. Food is not just about sustenance. It is also about assimilating cultures and inspiring good life. It is this vision that has prompted them to establish one of the fastest growing catering enterprise that promises to offer choicest cuisines with impeccable services to food lovers to make their big day extra special.